Fireland is committed to health and safety.  It is foundational to every activity that we undertake.  We strive to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all persons involved in the work we undertake (both Fireland staff and others) and any visitors to the sites we work on.

Fire management activities can be an inherently risky field.  Our company works hard to assess significant site-based and job-related risks, and detail the control measures available to effectively manage these risks.  We do this thoroughly and regularly as a core part of our work and the services we provide to clients.

Fire management operations can also be a very strenuous and physically demanding activity that requires good health, aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance.  Through our developed policies and procedures on health, safety and fitness we ensure our team meet the health and safety legislation requirements associated with our workplaces and the bushfire management industry.

We have a Workplace Health and Safety Plan and a number of Safety Standards and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) documents specific to our onsite requirements.  We are also pleased to adopt further safety initiatives and attend site-specific inductions, as required by our clients.

Our staff use fit for purpose, appropriate, well maintained equipment and vehicles to meet the high standard specifications required within the industry.  In addition, our team is highly trained to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to work in a healthy and safe manner at all times.  We encourage a culture of identifying hazards and reporting unsafe practices, therefore reducing the risks associated with any future work we undertake.

Our emphasis on health and safety is supported by an established hazard, incident and accident reporting procedure which includes effective communication and consultation with officers and clients.