This notification registration is for planned burns being undertaken by Fireland Consultancy only.  It is for you to register to be notified regarding planned burns being conducted in your area of interest.

Numerous other agencies and firms also conduct planned burns.  Please note, you will not receive notifications via this registration process for these other burns.

It is suggested that residents and businesses surrounding the burn area take the following precautions:

  • keep doors and windows closed to prevent smoke entering buildings and vehicles; and
  • remove washing from clothes lines.

It is also suggested that residents and businesses directly adjoining the burn area should:

  • move outdoor furniture under cover;
  • retract pool covers;
  • ensure pets have a sheltered, secured area; and
  • ensure roofs, gutters and yards are clear of flammable materials such as leaves.

General advice during and after the prescribed burn:

  • vehicles are advised to slow down, keep windows up and turn headlights on when smoke or prescribed burning officers are present;
  • public access is prohibited on the burn area during the operational period; and
  • public access is prohibited on the burn area following the burn for two days or as signed.

People with respiratory or other health conditions should seek medical advice on reducing the effects of smoke inhalation.