The impact of weeds and pests in Australia is significant and has obvious effects on economic, environment and social aspects across our communities.  Under State legislation there are three classes of declaration for both weeds and pests.  Local legislation can also make declarations of weeds and pests for various reasons.

Fireland consultants are highly skilled in undertaking weed and pest identification and management planning.  Our expert advice will provide practical on-ground solutions for your weed and pest control needs.  We can develop plans which provide operational guidance and action for the prevention, control and eradication of weeds and pests, based on the landowner’s management objectives.  We can also undertake and coordinate your operational weed and pest management activities.

We engage with our clients to ensure the most cost-effective, safe and appropriate weed and pest management strategies are implemented to address the specific needs identified for an area.  We often find an integrated approach with other land management practices and activities is required to achieve effective weed and pest control.  Our fire management activities are duly considered as part of this integrated approach; assisting us to deliver the greatest weed and pest control for our clients.

Fireland also fully and carefully considers the use of herbicides, biological agents and physical removal for weed management.  We ensure the treatment of all animal species is humane, regardless of their status as an identified pest species.

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