Wildfires are a common occurrence in Australia.  They pose a significant danger to life and infrastructure throughout all months of the year, though mostly during the hotter months of spring and summer.  There is State legislative responsibilities for all landholders to appropriately manage their fire risk to protect life and property and to undertake all reasonable efforts to contain fire outbreaks.

Fireland crews are available for wildfire response and suppression.  We provide trained and professional fire fighting personnel and fire fighting equipment.  Throughout Queensland and Australia, we offer unique services to State, local government and private landholders.  Our officers have the skills and experience to self-manage as crews, crew leaders, sector and division leaders, Incident controllers or within the incident management team.

Our fire fighting crews and equipment can be used for initial containment and fire suppression, prepping for back burning and burning out, blackout and mop-up, on call, standby and night shifts.  We can also undertake operational performance and safety evaluations, post fire analyses and wildfire cause and origin investigations.

Fireland crews can also be deployed to other types of incidents (for example, natural disaster clean-up from flood, storm, cyclone, or chemical spill or biosecurity incident).  We can provide assistance in situations requiring a workforce experienced in field operations and AIIMS incident management principles and structures.

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