Fires are a natural and necessary part of the Australian environment and cannot be completely prevented.  Over the coming years, land development, population growth and climate change will significantly increase the risk of loss or damage to life and property from bushfire.  An inherent risk from bushfire exists for assets situated in or in close proximity to bushland. Regardless of the proactive strategies implemented, there will always be some residual risk.

The use of fire management practices is extremely important to reduce the threat to and increase the potential for protection of life and property.  There are State legislative responsibilities for all landholders to appropriately manage their fire risk and to undertake all reasonable efforts to contain fire outbreaks.

We provide advice and services to a wide range of State and local government agencies, private industry, land developers, community groups and private land owners including small property owners.  We can help you achieve efficient and effective outcomes in land and fire management, whether starting from scratch or reviewing your current plans and activities, small or large.  Custom land management packages can be tailored to accommodate your unique needs. By working together and planning ahead, we can significantly increase the resilience of your land and property to bushfire events.

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